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SunPlus LED Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer for LED Grow Lights providing different series of horticulture lighting solutions for indoor farming, commercial vertical farming and greenhouses.

There is a strong and professional team standing behind SunPlus LED, these people work hard and work well with their rich experience in this industry, at SunPlus LED, you are always able to find the right light fixture for your specific applications from the high output Grow LED Bars to the medium output Grow Boards to the low output horticulture Grow Tubes, etc.

Our lighting solutions are affordable to all growers from LED light starters to the professional commercial grow operators.

Sundro™ Series

Sundro LED Horticultural Light Bar is the latest trend and most popular for its smart design and ease of use, with the light efficacy of 2.8 μmol/j, it is a perfect top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation, or a full-cycle top-lighting solution for home hobbyists cultivating.

Wingrow™ Series

Wingrow is a full spectrum and durable grow bar design, Wingrow series quantum grow bars are specially designed for cannabis growing indoors, hanging top lighting with the vertical multilayer shelves, grow tents or greenhouse, anywhere you need a good lighting solution. 

SunPAR™ Series

SunPAR LED Grow Light uses foldable robust design and delivers uniform amount of light over the canopy. This grow light is specifically designed for shelve or rack mounting application. Remote mounting driver allows to dissipate heat faster. The fixture had on-board dimming function as well as easily daisy chain for dimming.

MaxPAR™ Series

The MaxPAR Series advanced full spectrum led grow light built with heavy duty high-density heat dissipation fins. MaxPAR is a waterproof IP66 grow light perfectly meets greenhouse planting requirements, especially ideal for the high humidity growing environment. 

Quanta™ Series

Flexible Modular design allows growers to adjust the light distribution and uniformity. Highest Density LED diode distribution and Highest Penetrability. 

Muiti-Control of Knob/Dasiy Chain Dimming/RJ11 Dimming.

Vegic™ Series

Vegic series tube LED grow light is a daisy chainable ultra-high efficiency IP66 waterproof design, features with ultra-slim size, ultra-light weight and ultra-power-saving. It is the perfect choice for green leafy vegetables, microgreens, herbs, and medicine cultivation.  


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SunPlus LED team is always ready to provide our client with thorough grow lighting solutions in the field of greenhouse and indoor farming. The LED grow light is designed with precise full plant spectrum to help crops grow more efficiently with less heat and energy-consuming. 

Indoor Farming

Indoor farming is the future of agriculture. With SunPlus LED Grow Lights, it is possible and easy for growers to build and grow with hydroponic system to supply fresh herbs, lettuce, sunflower sprouts, leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations. 

All of our grow lights are plug and grow, the setup and installation are simple enough for both starter growers and large scale commercial operator. 

The SunPlus grow lights with less heat puts off will let the growers to add more lights with less cost on ventilation and cooling system.

Greenhouse Lighting Solution

SunPlus released the waterproof IP65 rated top light specially for greenhouse lighting application allows growers to gain higher yields with the lowest running costs even in the harsh high humid environment.   

The MaxPAR Series full spectrum led grow top light built with heavy duty high-density heat dissipation fins with no moving parts.

Cloning/Seedling/Microgreens Lighting Solutions

You can apply our Vegic tube grow lights to cloning, seedlings, tissue culture, flowering, and fruiting periods.

Vegic series tube led grow light is an ultra-high efficiency IP66 waterproof design, features with ultra-slim size, ultra-light weight and ultra-power-saving, Vegic comes with the daisy chainable V50 (pack of 2 tubes) 50W system, V100 (pack of 4 tubes) 100W system, V150(pack of 6 tubes) 150W system and V200(pack of 8 tubes) 200W system. 

This LED Grow Tube is the perfect choice for green leafy vegetables, microgreens, herbs, and medicine cultivation. 


SunPlus LED Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focus on speciality LED lighting products R&D combination with production, sale and after sales service with over 15 years experience. SunPlus LED owns a high efficient and experienced engineer team working hard to make us respond quickly to our clients and OEM custom projects.

SunPlus LED comes with a wide range of speciality lighting solutions including plant grow lighting LED, therapy lighting LED, up to more than ten series of LED lighting products built with top-notch components imported from South Korea, Germany and USA.

Highly qualified and professional staff teams, advanced production and test equipments are owned by our company. Our products are in full compliance with the standard in exporting to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and other countries. 

We insist on walking high quality line and provides low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection in high-end LED lighting products. Doubtless, we are on the right track and look forward to moving forward with you soon to contribute for a better and greener planet.

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